Human Resources

Salary and Welfare

Our welfare is both competitive and comprehensive, which offers protection and guarantee to you and your family and improves your life quality.
Salary Regulations
1) Highly- competitive salary (two salary reviews every year; salary promotion twice a year for outstanding staff);
2) Performance-based bonus at the end of every year;
3) Project bonus.
Vacation Regulations
1) Two-day weekend; flexible working hours;
2) 6 paid holiday days and 1 day increased by one year;
3) Humanity paid sick leave, marriage holiday, maternity leave, funeral leave, public holidays, etc.
4) Half day leave on Woman’s Day (for women only) and Children’s Day (for staff with kids only).
1) Type-1 social insurance (comprehensive medical insurance);
2) Comprehensive commercial insurances (life insurance, accident insurance, 42 types of critical disease insurance);
3) Housing fund;
4) Bonus valued from 1500 to 2700 RMB for successful patent applicants to encourage innovation; 
5) One body check a year;
6) Injury and disease subsidy, wedding money, childbirth allowance, and funeral allowance;
7) traffic subsidy, phone bill subsidy, meal subsidy and other subsidies;
8) Gifts for Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn Festival, and other traditional festivals; 
9) Regular medical kits;
10) Free application for purchasing books;
1) Two travels a year (one at the first half and one at the second half);
2) Activity funds for departments; department executives organize activities;
3) Projects funds; project managers organize activities among project members;
4) Quarterly birthday party;
5) Weekly football (Tuesday), swimming (Wednesday), badminton (Thursday) and basketball (Friday) activities;
6) Farewell and new year meetings.
1) On the second floor in the comfortable office buildings, delicious, nutritious and various foods and drinks are offered;
2) There are comfortable rest rooms with drinks and snacks served in office zones, where people can have a birds’ eye view over Shahe Park and Shenzhen Bay Bridge;
3) The book corner enables staff to borrow books and apply for purchasing professional books;
4) Table football and darts enable staff to have games.

                                 Darts                                                                                  Table Football
                                Table Tennis                                                                              Treadmill
1) Training is held twice a week and lecturers are managers or senior engineers;
2) Interest groups are established according to particular technological points and exchange activities are held regularly;
3) Offer professional training courses to outstanding staff jointly with Huacheng Education;
4) Staff can participate in PMP (Project Manager Program) training according to their own development; PMP exam fees are at the expense of Silicon Go. 

                             Lecturer Training(1)                                                             Lecturer Training(2)
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